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Lidcombe Program

"The treatment is direct. This means that it involves the parent commenting directly about the child’s speech."


Lidcombe Program Trainers Consortium

This is a world renowned program for children with stuttering problems. First introduced in Australia, this program has been adopted around the world by parents and caregivers to help children with disfluency

Lidcombe Program
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I tell people all the time that we have adopted the Lidcombe program for stuttering. It is one of the best programs in the world for children under the age of six. But what is this and why should you know about this?

The treatment is administered by a parent or carer in the child’s everyday environment. Parents learn how to do the treatment during weekly visits to the speech-language pathologist. During these visits, the speech-language pathologist teaches the parent by demonstrating various features of the treatment, observing the parent do the treatment, and giving parents feedback about how they are going with the treatment. This parent training is essential, because it is the speech-language pathologist’s responsibility to ensure that the treatment is done appropriately and is a positive experience for the child and the family. (

If you have a child under six with stuttering, you need to contact us today. Our Lidcombe trained specialists will help your child get on a path to fluency using this fantastic program. Don't wait! Stuttering is not a phase and gets worse the longer it goes untreated. Call now and schedule an appointment.

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